Word Dancing Course Information

With growing popularity of literary festivals and spoken word events, writers are often required to TELL their work. Similarly, storytellers often want to develop their tales in a written form. But to write and to tell are two very different art forms.

As a writer, this course will show you what to adapt to be able to tell your tale.

As a storyteller, this course will show you how to adapt your oral story for the page.

This five-day course will introduce you to the Drut’syla midrash – the hereditary training of traditional Jewish women storytellers.

Shonaleigh and Simon Heywood will lead you through a range of practical exercises and creative explorations of narrative and story. We will explore ways in which the Drut’syla’s methods and approaches can be adapted practically to creative writing, storytelling and the contemporary arts. You will gain the tools to tell your story in whatever medium you choose.

This course is suitable for creatives from any discipline who use narrative or story as inspiration. It is suitable for story-lovers at any stage of their creative journey.

If you wish to book for Word Dancing (Creative Writing and Narrative Arts) then please Contact Us via email stating your name and your preferred method of contact (Email or Telephone). A member of the House of West Wind Admin Team will be in touch to discuss dates, locations, payment details and answer any questions that you may have.