Welcome to House of the West Wind, home of the Drut’syla storytelling tradition.

Here you can book courses, find out where tales are next being told and learn more about this incredible traditional storytelling practice.

For many years, Shonaleigh has shared the techniques of the Drut’syla storytelling tradition with students from across the globe. However, she is probably the last carrier of this age-old tradition.

The House of the West Wind is a house-building for a cultural practice on the brink of extinction.

There was once a Grandmother – a Bubbe – who took her little Granddaughter for world-wandering walks each and every day. And on those walks, she would tell her stories of ice fish and diamond girls, of emerald seas and firewolves, of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and of forests filled with opal light and long-eared shedikims.
And when they got home, Bubbe would close the front door and bring her face close to her granddaughter’s head and breath in deeply.
“Your hair smells of the West Wind,” she’d whisper, “you have caught the breath of the wind in your hair. And it is the West Wind, you know, that carries all the stories in the world.”
And from that day on, whatever life brought that little girl for good or ill, she knew that there would be an answer, a comfort and explanation within those stories that had caught themselves up between the strands of her hair, those stories that her Bubbe had given her, and that even if there were times when it seemed she had nothing else, with those stories she would always have a solution to whatever problem she faced.